268 – 1931, and a Death

1931 was arguably one of the worst years of the Great Depression.

2,294 banks failed during 1931. 28,285 businesses failed.

Unemployment rose to 16%. The economy shrank by 8.5%. Prices fell 9.3%.

By 1931, most American had been impacted by the Depression, and realized that it wasn’t going away soon.

A “Hooverville” in the old Central Park, New York – c 1931
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263 – Joy and Tragedy

1926 delivered work, success, theft, birth, and death. Joy and Tragedy. Was it a “normal” year? Doesn’t that happen every year?

The ripple effect metaphor helps us remember that the closer we are to the center of the ripple splash, the more the events impact us. The ripple splashed very near in 1926.

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