160 – Ralph Jarvis Was Electrifying

What was going on in Larned in the spring and summer of 1916? We’ll pick up on three story lines to find out.

  1. Larned’s new electric plant was coming on line.
  2. Ralph Jarvis, 22, was in Larned, working as a lineman converting houses to the new electric system.
  3. Chleo Webb was coming of age at 16, living in the Rock House with her mother Anna.
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155 – Pawnee County, Kansas

We’re fortunate to have two guest authors today.

In August 1947, the Larned Chronoscope, a local newspaper, published the recollections of sisters Anna Buhrer Webb and Lucy Buhrer Hays about their early days in Pawnee County.

Anna Buhrer – c 1887
Lucy Buhrer – c 1889

If we told these stories, we’d be accused of embellishment. It’s amazing to hear how our grandparents forged a life on the Kansas prairie.

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