175 – Marriage, and Then More Work

1919 had been a successful year for The Pawnee Power and Water Company.

Nathan Jones had founded his fourth startup company, and was beginning to realize his vision. Ralph Jarvis had risen quickly to the superintendent of construction.

Both men would marry. And 1920 promised to be a busy year for the power company.

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165 – A Look Back

We began this series of stories after the Civil War in 1865. We’re ending the series at the end of World War I in 1920. What a dramatic change in people’s lifestyles over these 55 years.

Let’s review…

Reconstruction after Civil War – 1865
Armistice – World War I – 1918
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164 – Ralph Jarvis and Chleo Webb

Ralph and Chleo – 1919

Ralph was back in Larned, and out of the army. It was the summer of 1919. He quickly found work as a lineman for The Pawnee Power and Water Company.

Chleo had just finished high school. She was living at home with her mother, and they were working at the Ideal Steam Laundry.

Ralph and Chleo rekindled their relationship and talked of marriage.

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