John Jarvice – Court Statement – 1680 – with partial translation

This is the court statement regarding Elizabeth Jervis’ request for Letters of Administration for the estate of her deceased husband John Jarvice.

I assume that the probate judge is granting a letter of administration to Obedia Seddon, Elizabeth’s designated representative. But I’m not sure, since I haven’t translated the entire document.

If you can translate it, that would be great. Please let me know.

Original Document

Letter of Administration – Court Statement – p. 2 – John Jervise – 1680

Transcription Attempt

Obedia Seddon de Roylse Greene in Com. Cestriae Admr Bonora iurium Creditorum
et Chattallorid Johannis Jarvise nup de Vico Malbano in Com. Cestra pred. defei
fidem fecit, quod, cum Eliza Jarvise de eadem Vidua Retra ejusdem Johnis
prope ptus adesset, et qter, a se tam pcul distans, suscipe, habud valida et
idonsa, suam ascripserit sententia, ipsum Obedia Seddon Lra. Admracei.
bonorid pred corum petere, at bona predcu ad usum ejusdem Eliza recipere
et admrare

Coram Me

Translation Attempt

Obedia Seddon of Roylse Greene in County Chester Administrator of goods, rights of creditors
and Chattalls of John Jarvise late of Vico Malbano (Nantwich) in County Chester gives his
assurance that Elizabeth Jarvise the same is widow of the same Johannis
ptus close at hand, and Qter, who had been so far pcul, receive, valid and habud
idonsa, always added to the sentence of his own, very good; Obadia Seddon Lea. Admracei.
bonorid prod their request to use the same Eliza back at a good predcas
and admrare

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