10 – Telecí and Teplys

Telecí is a village on the southeast corner of Teply world.

The Telecí church is important to us because it was the first protestant church for the surrounding villages.

Telecí is a picturesque village, set amidst hills and woods.

The village is about 3 miles south of Borová and Oldřiš, and about 1.5 miles east of Pustá Rybná.

Once again, our guide Jan knew the Telecí pastor, so a quick phone call and the heavens parted for our visit.


The Telecí church was founded in 1781, the year of Emperor Joseph II’s Patent of Toleration. Several years later a daughter church was built in Pustá Rybná.

We know that our Teplys lived for several hundred years in the Telecí and Pustá Rybná area. Our earliest citations date to 1650s. Then in 1840s, our Teplys moved to Oldřiš, and show up in Borová parish registers.

That means for over 60 years, from 1781 until 1840s, our Teply family events are recorded in the Telecí and Pustá Rybná parish registers.

Just to make the case that there are lots of Teply family events, let’s have a look at the first parish register, beginning in 1783.

You don’t have to look far to find Teplys.

These examples of Teply events aren’t necessarily in our direct Teply line. But no doubt we’re related not too far past.


Look at the very first page of the birth register. Three of the ten births are Teplys!

Teleci Birth Register – 1783-1793 – Pages 1 and 2
  • On April 2, 1783, Katerina was born to Kaspar and Anna Teply of Breziny 144.
  • On April 30, 1783, Alzbeta (Elizabeth) was born to Martin and Veronika Teply of Breziny 19.
  • On May 7, 1783, twins Frantisek and Joseph were born to Joseph and Alzbeta Teply of Breziny 17.


Now let’s look at the marriage register. No Teply marriages on the first page, but Teplys are witnesses at two of the marriages.

Note the summary for the year 1783 – four couples have married.

  • On August 15, 1783 Joseph Pantucka, 28, of Pusta Rybna house no. 4, married Katerina, daughter of Vaclav Kunhart, 19. Witnessing the marriage was Marianna, wife of Leopold Teply, chalupnik.
  • On November 24, 1783, Jopseh Jonast, 28, of Teleci house no 41, married Anna, daughter of Vaclav Makovsky, 20, of Pusta Rybna. Witnessing the marriage was Katerina, daughter of Leopold Teply.


In the death register, we have to turn to page 2 to find Teplys. Sadly, two Teply children have died.

Note the summary for the year 1783 – 21 people have died, 12 males and 9 females.

Teleci Death Register – 1783-1793 – Pages 2 and 3
  • On September 12, 1783, Joseph, age 3, son of Vaclav Teply of Pusta Rybna house 80 died.
  • On December 2, 1783, Katerina, age 6 months, daughter of Vaclav Teply of Breziny house 13 died.


You’ll notice that Teply is sometimes written as Tepliho in the registers. It’s the same name, but a declension that means something like “of Teply”. Notice the same treatment of the village name of Rybny, sometimes written as Rybniho. Same deal.

A lady from Slovakia that works at the Midwest Genealogy Library in Independence says that in Czech and Slovak they “bend the end” of the words.

It’s complicated. It’s unbelievably complicated. Click on the link, and you won’t want to read it.



  • Telecí Birth Register – 1783-1793 – Zamrsk Archives – Czech Republic – s. R18-1
  • Photos – Mark Jarvis – October 2019
  • Villages Map – Mapy.cz

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