17 – Joseph Teply and Frantiska Dvorak (4G)

We’ve learned a lot about Joseph and Josepha Petras Teply (3G).

Let’s meet Joseph’s parents, Joseph Teply and Frantiska Dvořák (4G) .

Joseph Teply

Joseph Teply was born June 25, 1811, at Pustá Rybná house no. 54. It was the home of his parents Ferdinand and Terezie Teply.


Joseph was the third of seven children. Five of those survived infancy.

Early life

Joseph spent his childhood years in Pustá Rybná. His parents lived in house no. 54, at the north edge of the village.

Betlém house no. 3

In about 1816, when Joseph was 5, the family moved to Betlém, house no. 3. It was a large farmhouse with attached barn and buildings.

Here’s the house today, still the original.

Ferdinand’s older brother Tomas had a farm in Betlém, and lived in house no. 8. Perhaps Ferdinand worked on Tomas’ farm.

Joseph lived at Betlém until age 22, when he married in 1834.

Frantiska Dvořák

Frantiska Dvořák was born April 15, 1811, at Kobyli house no. 6 to Filip and Anna Dvořák. She was baptized the same day at Telecí.


Because of high infant mortality rate, it was important to baptize a newborn child as quickly as possible, usually within a day of birth.

The father and perhaps the godparents took the child to be baptized. That was risky for the newborn, especially in winter. For Frantiska, the nearest church was Teleci, about two miles away.

In situations where the newborn wasn’t healthy, the midwife could perform a baptism.

The mother did not attend the baptism. Because of the high mortality rate among mothers, she would be confined to the house for a month.


In 1806, Filip and Anna had a daughter and named her Frantiska. She died within two years.

In 1808, they had another daughter and named her Frantiska. She died in 1810.

In 1811, the had another daughter and named her Frantiska. She is the Frantiska we know, and she lived a long life. This was a common pattern.

Of ten children born to her parents, Frantiska and four of her siblings survived infancy.

Early life

Frantiska’s father was a farmer (instead of a chalupnik, cottage gardener), so had the means to provide for the family. In the 1820s, while Frantiska was in her teens, control of the farm passed to her oldest brother Vaclav. In 1833, when she was 22, her father died.

Kobylí house no. 6

The Dvořák families had lived at Kobylí for many years, in house nos. 6 and 8.

Here’s house no. 6 today, remodeled but still the original.

Look at the 1829 census for Kobyli house no. 6. Sixteen people are living in the house. Do you think that would be crowded?


Joseph Teply and Frantiska Dvořák married February 9, 1834 at Telecí. Both were 22 years old.

Their address was recorded as Kobylí 6, the home of Frantiska’s parents. Can you imagine that house getting more crowded?

Their parents signed permission, as they weren’t the age of majority. The Austrian civil code set the age of majority.

Age of majority in Bohemia

1480s16-18 for men; 14-16 for women
154920 for noblemen; 15 for women

One “easter egg” for a genealogist is to find an ancestor’s signature. Ferdinand’s signature is found here as he signed his permission – “Ferdinand Teply, father”.

Signature – Ferdinand Teply, father – 1834

Some other interesting marriage laws:

You can peruse more of the Austrian civil code.


On June 28, 1834, Joseph and Frantiska had their first child, Joseph, just five months after they married. Law required at least seven months. That required that Joseph declare before two witnesses that he was the father of the child.

Joseph Teply’s declaration that he is the father of the child, Joseph

Again, we turn to the Austrian civil code:

On February 21, 1840, Joseph and Frantiska had another son, Anton. Anton was born at Oldřiš 140, and baptized at Borová church on the 22nd. He survived into adulthood, and married Katerina Petrovi in 1868.

Residence and Occupation

Joseph and Frantiska Teply moved to Oldřiš 140 after they married, perhaps around 1835. Their second son Anton was born here in 1840. 

They lived near Joseph’s parents and brother Frantisek’s family at Oldřiš 118.  Another brother Jan lived at Oldřiš 107.

Joseph was a chalupnik, a cottage gardener. I’d guess that he also worked on the farm of his brother Frantisek, along with brother Jan.

Oldřiš house 191

They lived in Oldřiš 140 from 1830s for many years. In later years, they moved from house 140 to 191, probably to retire and live with another family. We have seen house 191 before, when we visited Jacka and Jindrich.


Joseph and Frantiska were born three months apart in 1811. And they died six days apart in 1872. That’s a story.

Death register – Frantiska and Joseph Teply – 1872

Frantiska Teply, 61, died November 6, 1872 at Oldřiš 191.  Cause of death was a breast lump.  She was buried on the 10th at the evangelical cemetery at Borová.

Joseph Teply, 61, died November 10, 1872 at 10 o’clock in the morning at Oldřiš 191.  Cause of death was gangrene in the right lower limb.  He was buried at Borová November 15.

Borová cemetery

Nibbles Extra Credit – Dvořák

Tim noted that there’s a famous Czech composer named Dvořák.

Antonín Dvořák  was born September 8, 1841, Nelahozeves, Bohemia.

The Symphony No. 9 in E minor, known as the New World Symphony, was composed by Dvořák in 1893. Astronaut Neil Armstrong took a recording of the New World Symphony along during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.


And I just met a Teply DNA cousin Bruce Dvořák at genealogy conference in Lincoln. He’s an engineering professor at NU. His ancestors are from Telecí, so likely they’re related to our Dvořák family in Kobylí.

Btw, they pronounce it “Da vor’ zhak”.

Like they pronounce Katerina “Kat er zheen’ uh”.

Joseph Teply 50006
Frantiska Dvorak 50007
Joseph Teply 50004


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