42 – Teply Lifestyle – Social Life – 1890-1917

Before Facebook and text messages and TV, people visited each other.

Old newspapers are full of stories of social visits and “Sundaying”.

I’ve been looking through old newspapers looking for facts and figures. Instead I’ve found lots of stories of everyday life. So these next few posts will share some of the lifestyle bits of Frank and Anna Teply’s family.

I’ve chosen the years 1890-1917. During these years, Frank Teply and Anna Welter married, farmed, raised a family, and interacted with their extended families and their community.

These 27 years are their generation. In 1890, Frank is 25 and Anna 18. In 1917, they are 52 and 45.

By 1917 their sons are grown, World War I has begun, and technology has changed the way people have lived for generations.

So read on and enjoy. I’ve also intentionally left in some stories of their neighbors.

Spoiler alert: The photos are not Teplys. They are scenes of Washington and Marshall Counties during the same time period, from the collection of photographer O.F. Hawkins of Marysville.

Lots of visits with Anna’s family

They’re Welter, Welters, Walter, Walters, etc. Her brother was Tuhey. Her sisters married names were Donovan, Everts, and Wenke.

Parties and Holidays

Like today, there were parties for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. I think we can guess what “Carrie Nation watermelon” is.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Out of town visits

School and church functions


  • All news articles are from The Hanover Democrat, The Hanover Herald, The Marysville Advocate, Washington Register. All are available on Newpapers.com and are free for Kansas residents – Kansas State Historical Society – https://www.kshs.org/ancestry/drivers/dlverify
  • All old photos are from Omar Finley Hawkins Collection of Marshall and Washington County Photographs – Kansas State Historical Society – https://www.kansasmemory.org/

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