44 – Teply Lifestyle – Recreation – 1890-1917

Teply lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without looking at some recreation.

Fishing, hunting, ice skating, etc.

There are lots of fun stories of down-time activities. Read on.

Spoiler alert: The photos are not Teplys. They are scenes of Washington and Marshall Counties during the same time period, from the collection of photographer O.F. Hawkins of Marysville.


Fishing seems like Frank’s passion. There are lots of fish stories. It was probably fun, and also put food on the table.


Not as many stories. But it must have also been a practical way to supplement the dinner table.

And just for fun…

Goat riding? Sack Race?


  • All news articles are from The Hanover Democrat, The Hanover Herald, The Marysville Advocate, Washington Register. All are available on Newpapers.com and are free for Kansas residents – Kansas State Historical Society – https://www.kshs.org/ancestry/drivers/dlverify
  • All old photos are from Omar Finley Hawkins Collection of Marshall and Washington County Photographs – Kansas State Historical Society – https://www.kansasmemory.org/

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