57 – Anna Kloppenberg (1G)

We’ve just read Anna’s own words in the last post. Let’s fill in a few details about her early life.


Anna Kloppenberg – ca 1901

Anna was born May 2, 1900 at Hanover, Kansas.

Her parents were Ignatz and Anna Kloppenberg. Anna was the 8th of 10 Kloppenberg children, and the second daughter.

Early Years

Anna, Bertha and Ben
Kloppenberg – ca 1910

Anna grew up at her parents home at 205 East Elm Street in Hanover. Her dad had just built a two-story addition to the house, as the family was growing in number.

Church and School

Anna and Bertha Kloppenberg – 1908

The Kloppenbergs attended St. John’s Catholic Church.

Here’s Anna’s confirmation picture, with younger sister Bertha.

Anna Kloppenberg – ca 1915

And Anna attended St. John’s Catholic School. Here’s Anna’s 8th grade graduation photo.

Teen Years

As she mentioned in her own words, Anna worked as domestic help in several houses in Hanover and Marysville after she left school.

Anna Kloppenberg – ca 1918

Perhaps Anna knew Ben Teply before the war, or maybe they met in the spring of 1919. In any case, they planned to get married. But before we pursue that, let’s take a look at Anna’s parents – Ignatz and Anna Kloppenberg.


  • Photos – Teply Family Memorabilia

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