191 – Ralph Jarvis Died

The Salina Journal – February 15, 1932

Did you hear? Ralph Jarvis died this afternoon.

He was out with the horses. He came into the house and told Chleo he didn’t feel well. He retired to the bedroom.

Shortly, he yelled for Chleo. He died at 3 o’clock.

Ralph Hayden Jarvis died on Monday, February 15, 1932, at 3 pm. He was age 37.

Ralph Hayden Jarvis 1894-1932


The Salina Journal – February 17, 1932

Ralph was buried on Wednesday, February 17, at Roselawn Memorial Cemetery in Salina.

Many of his friends and co-workers attended.


Ralph’s obituary in Larned’s The Tiller and Toiler gives us the most information about his life.

The Tiller and Toiler – February 18, 1932

I didn’t know he “had not been in good health for a long time.” It’s confirmed here that he resigned his position with Public Utility Investment Company. The obit talks about his interest in purebred cattle. There’s even a quote from Nathan Jones.

In Memoriam

Ralph died too young, but he lived an interesting and meaningful life. Who could have foreseen the events that would lead him from Indiana to Kansas, to participate in WWI, to become a lineman, to meet and marry Chleo Webb, and to work for Nathan Jones.

Ralph left a living legacy – you and me. We can pause and think of him now and then as we live our own lives. I hope it will bring a smile.


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