231 – The Rosses and Gweedore Today

We found the Gallaghers, Roartys, Dugans, and Duffys in Meenderrynasloe and surrounding townlands. These townlands are in The Rosses and Gweedore Districts.

When you vacation in Donegal, visit the Gweedore district from Dunlewey west along the Clady River, head southwest for a loop around Meenderrynasloe, and then stop in Bunbeg and the coast. These are our grandparents’ home townlands.

1. Lady Jane Russell’s “Church without a congregation” in Dunlewey
2. Dunlewey Lough, between Dunlewey and Money Beg
3. Errigal Mountain. Beltany Mountain is to the left where some Gallaghers and Roartys lived.
4. Gallaghers and Roartys in Money Beg lived along the main road and on this south side road.
Lots of Gallaghers and Roartys lived in Money Beg and Beltany Mountain townlands.
5. In Money Beg, there’s Roarty’s Garage. If you have car trouble, just have Cousin Roarty take care of it.
6. Leave Money Beg on R251 west. Lough Nacung at Meenagall on the left.
7. You’ll pass by Lord George Hill’s Gweedore Hotel, now the An Chuirt.
8. Stay on N56 for a spin around Meenderrynasloe. It’s the “Wild Atlantic Way.”
9. Right on Glen Road. This may be where our Gallaghers, Roartys, Dugans, and Duffys lived.
10. Stop at Cousin Duffy’s for a pint. Only one.
11. Left on R257 toward Bunbeg. Remember to drive on the right left.
12. Bunbeg harbor, built by Lord George Hill as a trading port
13. Take a left on Strand Road toward the beach.
Bunbeg is in Magheraclogher townland, where lots of Gallaghers and Roartys lived.
14. Bunbeg Beach. Imagine Gallagher and Roarty houses and tiny farms.
15. Back on the main road, stop for tea in Derrybeg if any place is open.

Enjoy your visit. Maybe you’ll meet Gallaghers, Roartys, Dugans, and Duffys along the way.

Oh, St. Patrick was a gentleman,
and come from decent people;
He built a church in Dublin town,
And on it put a steeple.

His father was a Gallagher,
His mother was a Brady;
His aunt was an O’Shaughnessy,
First cousin to O’Grady.

No wonder that those Irish lads
Should be so free and frisky,
For sure Saint Pat he taught them that,
As well as drinking whiskey.

No wonder that the Saint himself
To taste it would be willin’,
Since his mother kept a sheebeen shop
In the town of Enniskillen.

St. Patrick was a Gentleman – Christopher North – Belfast News, November 22, 1836


4 thoughts on “231 – The Rosses and Gweedore Today

  1. Janet July 27, 2022 / 9:32 am

    I want to take this drive and have a pint with the cuzzes! 😊


  2. Brenda Teply July 27, 2022 / 12:28 pm

    Loved the pics and the poem. Thanks for sharing.


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