249 – Gallaghers Greet New Century

The dawn of the new century marked fifty years since a 23-year-old Patrick Gallagher had arrived in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Ellen Large Gallagher had arrived even earlier, in 1844, at age 11. A half-century of struggles and successes.

Patrick and Ellen

In the 1900 census, Patrick, 76, and Ellen, 67 were still living on their farm.  Both Patrick and Ellen could read and write.  Patrick was a naturalized citizen. They owned their farm free (without a mortgage).

Louis Ganzy, a 55 year old Swedish immigrant, was living with them.  Ganzy was listed as a servant and farm laborer. He probably helped with daily chores as well as farm work.

1900 US Census – Patrick and Ellen Gallagher – Barton County, Missouri

Michael and Ellen

The census shows Michael and Ellen living on North Mill Street. I think that’s another address variation for their house on Block 5.

Michael and Ellen were both listed as age 37, but Ellen was actually several years younger. Michael’s occupation was “day laborer.” They owned their house free (without a mortgage).

Henry (Patrick H) was age 9, Jim age 8, and Tom age 5. All three were “at school.” That was Central School, about 8 blocks southwest.

1900 US Census – Michael and Ellen Gallagher – Barton County, Missouri

Nellie Mae Gallagher

On Monday, June 10, 1901, Nellie Mae Gallagher was born to Mike and Ellen. She was born at the Gallagher home. The name Nellie was in honor of her mother, Nellie Ellen Dugan Gallagher. I don’t know if Mae was a family name.

Gallagher Bible – Births – Nellie Mae Gallagher – 1901

Mike and Ellen then had four living children. Their first child John had died in infancy.

A puzzling sale

In 1897, Patrick and Ellen had deeded all their properties to son Mike for $2,000.  The sale seemed like a plan to transfer the properties to the next generation, perhaps in return for long term care by Mike and Ellen.

Something didn’t work out. Five years later, in 1902, Mike and Ellen deeded the properties back to his mother Ellen for $2,500. 

Did Mike and Ellen need the money? Was there some other issue? We don’t know.

Mike got help with his corn

The Lamar Democrat – October 8, 1903

Mike worked the Gallagher farm. Whether he was helping his father, or working the farm for his own account, we see that he got some help cutting his corn in 1903. He had some good neighbors.

Ozark Autumn – Thomas Hart Benton

Cole Brothers Dry Goods Store

In 1904, the Cole brothers from nearby Nevada, Missouri opened a branch of their dry goods store in Lamar.

The Lamar Democrat – September 24, 1904

The Cole brothers had bought out the business of C.S. Jones and were opening their store on the south side of courthouse square in downtown Lamar.

Both Henry and Tom Gallagher would pursue careers with Cole brothers stores for the next three decades.

Ellen Large Gallagher died

By around 1905, both Ellen and Patrick were living in son Mike’s household. They both had health issues that were debilitating.

Ellen Large Gallagher died Friday morning, July 26, 1907.  She was age 73. 

Ellen was buried in the old East Cemetery in Lamar, just months before the new St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery opened west of town.

What an interesting and eventful life. Born in Castlecomer, Ireland in 1833. Her father died shortly after she was born. She and six siblings were raised by her mother in poverty conditions in the coal fields of the Wandesforde estate.

Ellen and her mother and siblings immigrated to the Pennsylvania anthracite coal fields when she was 11. There she came of age and married Patrick Gallagher, himself and Irish immigrant. Ellen and Patrick lived and worked in the coal fields for two decades.

Ellen and Pat had several children in Pennsylvania. Two died in infancy, and two other children accompanied Ellen and Pat as they moved west to Missouri to work on the railroads.

In 1872, the Gallaghers bought a farm in Barton County, Missouri. There they made a life, and there they lived for 35 years until Ellen’s death in 1907.

Ellen’s story mimics the story of westward expansion in America. She lived it.

Boys in School

By the latter half of the decade, the Gallagher boys attended Washington High School.

Washington High School – Lamar, Missouri – c 1910

The decade marked the passing of Ellen Large Gallagher. She had been in poor health for several years.

Patrick, too, was suffering from diabetes. He had neuropathy, had lost most of his vision, and was now confined to bed. It made him mad.

Michael and Ellen cared for Patrick as best they could, but he was a difficult patient.

The Gallagher children were now young adults, ready to leave the nest.



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2 thoughts on “249 – Gallaghers Greet New Century

  1. deborahlargefox0764 November 30, 2022 / 9:42 am

    I am sad to see Patrick and Ellen pass on. The blog has been a wonderful tribute to their lives.
    I was surprised to learn that both could read and write. Ellen’s brother Richard and most of his children lacked an education, especially the boys who went to work as slate pickers at a young age.


    • Mark Jarvis November 30, 2022 / 11:06 am

      I’m sad too. But happy we followed their stories.

      As for reading and writing, I think it may be like other census info – take it with a grain of salt. In 1880 census, Patrick couldn’t read or write. In 1900, he could. Hmmmmm.

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