261 – 1923 Was Busy

1922 had been a perfect year. Tom and Catherine Gallagher’s wedding was the highlight. Now they were back to everyday life in Sedalia.

1922 was perfect

Everything turned up roses in 1922. None of the immediate family died or got into a bad accident or lost their job.

OK, maybe 1922 wasn’t completely perfect. Will Riley struggled with his new career as a drug store owner. And his car battery fell out of the car on the way to work.

The Sedalia Democrat – July 13, 1922

1923 was a corker

Let’s give 1922 a pass, because 1923 was full of drama.

Fire destroys Cole’s Junction City

On Wednesday, January 24, 1923, Cole’s Junction City store was completely destroyed by fire.

By March, Cole’s bought the Taylor Dry Goods Store and secured a five-year lease on the Zee-Dee building, one of the most prominent in Junction City. They planned an extensive remodel.

Will Riley buys out O’Bryan

The Sedalia Democrat – February 2, 1923

In February 1923, after three years as co-owners, Will Riley bought out his partner in Sedalia Drug Store. Now Will was the sole owner.

No financial terms were disclosed, so we don’t know if it was a fire sale, or a good deal for Will, or..?

Bard Drug Store – predecessor of Sedalia Drug Company

Josephine Riley hit by car

The Sedalia Democrat – March 17, 1923

On Friday, March 16, 1923, Josie Riley and her daughter Mary Agnes set off for church.

The driveway of a neighbor, Albert Damm, was very muddy, and had a board placed for crossing. Mary Agnes crossed safely. As Josie crossed, Mr. Damm backed his Ford coupe out of the driveway. The car hit Josie, partially running her over, and dragging her about ten feet.

Josie had a badly bruised ankle and stomach injuries. She was confined to bed, but Dr. McNeil stated that the injuries would not be serious.

Cole’s celebrates 3 years in Sedalia

The Sedalia Democrat – March 6, 1923

On March 8, 1923, Tom Gallagher and Cole’s celebrated three years in Sedalia. The event was cause for a huge sale.

We are glad we located in Sedalia. My stay here has been one of extreme pleasure socially as well as in a business way.

We are trying to give the people of this community their money’s worth. We know that our merchandise is in a class by itself and we hope to continue to satisfy our large number of customers with our popular price policy.

Just tell the folks that we are extremely grateful for their patronage and we hope to merit a continuation of it through the liberal policy that has always marked Cole Brothers’ Stores as different from others in value giving.

Tom Gallagher, Manager

Mike and Ellen Gallagher to Junction City

In May 1923, Mike and Ellen Gallagher moved to Junction City.

Mike Gallagher had lived in Lamar, Missouri since 1872. He married Ellen Dugan in Lamar in 1885. They had lived in their house “out north of town” in Lamar for three decades.

In 1922, when Henry Gallagher was transferred to the Cole’s store in Fort Scott, Kansas, he had moved his parents from Lamar to Fort Scott. Now, Henry was transferring back to Junction City, and he would move his parents yet again.

Mike and Ellen moved to Junction City in May 1923. They lived in a house at 223 West 6th Street.

233 West 6th Street – Junction City, Kansas
Map – 223 West 6th Street – Junction City – 1925
Ellen Dugan Gallagher – early 1920s – age mid-50s

Mike Gallagher was age 59. He had suffered health problems for some years, and they were continuing. He often wasn’t able to work or travel.

On the other hand, Ellen Gallagher was quite spry at age 57. She often accompanied Henry on motoring trips to surrounding towns to visit friends and relatives.

Kathleen Gallagher born

On Friday, October 5, 1923, at 8 pm, Kathleen Ellen Gallagher was born to Tom and Catherine Gallagher.

The name Kathleen wasn’t an honorific to any ancestor, at least I can’t find one. There were lots of Catherines. The middle name Ellen honored Kathleen’s grandmother Ellen Dugan Gallagher and her great-grandmother Ellen Large Gallagher.

The baptismal gown

Cathy Teply baptism – 1953

Kathleen was baptized in the family’s baptismal gown, just as her mother had been. Josie Riley’s niece Kate Cassidy and some friends made a baptismal gown and presented it to her in 1900.

It became a family tradition. Dozens of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have been baptized in the gown.

Here’s Cathy Teply (Jarvis) baptized in the same gown fifty-three years later in 1953.

Here’s the history of the baptismal gown, written by Mary Agnes “Aggie” Riley Gallagher, who was also baptized in the gown in 1904.

Baptism gown history – Mary Agnes Gallagher – 1982
Kathleen Ellen Gallagher – c 1924 – age 1

Will Riley vs. Citizens Bank

Will Riley was the plaintiff in a suit against the Citizens Bank of Windsor, claims $5,091 plus interest since 1914.

While the Rileys maintained their lifestyle, it was becoming more difficult financially. The drug store’s income didn’t match the earlier earnings of Will’s liquor and beer distributorship.

Josie Riley sprained her wrist

Just to cap off the year, Josie Riley sprained her wrist in a fall three days before Christmas.

New Year’s Eve 1923

1923 came to an end. A lot of things had happened. There was probably a toast to a quieter 1924.



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