14 – Joseph Teply and Josepha Petras (3G)

We met Joseph and Josepha earlier, when we were in Borová and Oldřiš. They had gotten married and had a son Frantisek. Let’s learn more about them.

Joseph Teply

Joseph Teply was born was born June 28, 1834. He was baptized the next day at Telecí.

He was born in Kobylí house no. 6, about a mile from Pustá Rybná. It was the home of his parents Joseph and Frantiska Teply, and his grandparents Filip and Anna Dvorak.

A small technicality… Joseph’s father had to make a statement that he was the father of the child, since he and Frantiska had gotten married just five months earlier.

Because Josef Teply and his wife Frantiska Dvorák married less than 7 months, he personally appears as the father of this child as witnessed.

By 1837, when Joseph was 3, his parents had moved to Oldřiš, house no. 140. His younger brother Anton was born there in 1840.

Perhaps Joseph’s father, Joseph, had moved to Oldřiš to work with his father and brothers on Frantisek Teply’s farm.

Joseph lived at Oldřiš 140 from age 3 to age 30, when he married Josepha.

Josepha Petras

I’ll use her Bohemian name Josepha, but this is Josephine Petras, and later Josephine Petras Teply Svoboda.

Josepha was born August 8, 1837 in Pustá Rybná, and baptized the next day at the protestant church at Telecí.

She was born at house no. 8, home of her parents Anton and Terezie Petras.  She was the third of six children.

In 1852, when Josepha was 14, her mom died. Her father remarried two years later.

Josepha spent her early years at house no. 8, until she was 26 and married Joseph.

Oops… Illegitimate children

At age 21, Josepha had a child out of marriage. And when she was 25, another. Both children died in infancy.

That was a problematic situation for Josepha. I’ll write more in the next post.


Joseph and Josepha announced their marriage intentions twice at the church in Borová, on June 26 and July 3, 1864.

They made their third bann announcement July 10, 1864, and married the same day at the protestant church in Teleci.

How did they meet? How did they know each other? Did Josepha’s status as an unwed mother have an effect? Was Joseph the father? Was Joseph married before? For now, we can only guess.

Residence and Occupation

After marriage, Joseph and Josepha lived at Oldřiš 140. Joseph’s parents were living at Oldřiš 169, and several other Teply families lived nearby.

Joseph was a chalupnik, a cottage gardener. His father was a tenant. I believe they probably both worked on the farm of Frantisek Teply, Joseph’s brother.


Frantisek Teply was born to Joseph and Josepha on June 25, 1865, and baptized June 28 at Borová church.

Josepha’s obituary says that there were two children, but I haven’t been able to find a second child yet.


About 1867, Joseph and Josepha Teply and their son Frantisek left Bohemia for America.

Joseph was 33, Josepha 30.

Joseph Teply 50004
Josepha Petras 50003
Frank Joseph Teply 50005


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