13 – Nine Generations of Teplys

We have nine generations of Teplys in Bohemia to learn about. Let’s start with the most recent, and work our way back in time.

Ancestry - Czech - Pedigree View - Frank Teply

Frank Teply (2G)

We already learned about Frank Teply in Bohemia in an earlier post “Who is Frank Teply.”

Frank lived in Bohemia for only three years, from his birth in 1864 to his family’s emigration to America about 1867.

Earlier Generations

We’ve been introduced to three earlier generations, when we visited Borová and Oldřiš.

  • Joseph Teply and Josepha Petras Teply (3G)
  • Joseph Teply and Frantiska Dvorak Teply (4G)
  • Ferdinand Teply and Terezie Sodomka Teply (5G)

Each of these families relocated to Oldřiš around 1840. And then Joseph and Josepha emigrated to America around 1867.

And all of these people except Terezie Sodomka were from Pustá Rybná.

Let’s see what we can find about each family, starting with Joseph and Josepha (3G).


  • Pedigree View – Frank Teply – Jarvis-Teply-Vartia-Ford-Gadacz Family Tree – Ancestry.com

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