24 – Jan Teply and Katerina Jukl (6G)

Let’s meet Jan and Katerina.

Remember to pronounce the J like a Y.

Jan Teply

Jan Teply was born May 21, 1748 at Pustá Rybná. He’s the son of Matej Teply and Anna Jilek Teply. 

Birth register – Jan Teply – 1748

Katerina Jukl

Katerina Jukl was born May 26, 1752 at Pustá Rybná. She’s the daughter of Jan Jukl and Magdalena Janko. 

Birth register – Katerina Jukl – 1752


Jan Teply and Katerina Jukl married June 18, 1769. They were married at St. Vaclav (Wenceslas) Catholic Church at Krásné, a village about three miles south of Pustá Rybná.

They were both from Pustá Rybná.  Jan’s father Matej is referenced. Katerina’s father Jan Jukl is deceased. 


Jan and Katerina Teply’s children found so far:

  • Jan Teply                            31 Aug 1770
  • Katerina Teply                  15 Feb 1773       m. Frantisek Kucera       
  • Vaclav Teply                      30 Aug 1775
  • Frantisek Teply                 15 Oct 1777       m. Barbara Pitlika            
  • Anna Teply                        13 Sep 1779       m. Melichar Trogtral      
  • Ferdinand Teply (5G)      30 Mar 1781      m. Terezie Sodomka      
  • Joseph Teply                      2 Jun 1783         m. Katerina Lukas           
  • Tomas Teply                      22 Jun 1786       m. Marina Romportl         

Residence and occupation

From various citations, we can determine some of the residences and occupations for Jan and Katerina:

Their residences are very straightforward, starting in 1773.

Pustá Rybná 55

In 1773, Jan and Katerina’s daughter was born at house 55.

In prior year citations, there are no house numbers. I think we can assume that they lived in the same house in 1770, when they were married. And had their first child Jan in 1770 at house 55.

I believe we can assume that Jan was born in house 55 in 1748, as we will later see that his parents lived there also.

Pustá Rybná house nos. 54 and 55

Pustá Rybná 54

Around 1804, Jan and Katerine moved from house 55 to house 54, just a short distance south on the same road. And Jan’s parents also moved to house 54.

There isn’t a house in that location today.

Later years

Jan was likely born in house no. 55. After marriage in 1769, Jan and Katerina lived in house 55 and then 54 until their deaths.

I haven’t found the death record for Katerina. But we know she died by 1811, because Jan got re-married.

Jan Teply, widower, and Rozarie Teply marry July 4, 1811 at Pustá Rybná protestant church. He was age 67, and she 41.

And I haven’t found the death record for Jan. But we know he died before 1818, because Rozarie re-married in 1818. 

The most likely citation for Jan Teply’s death is on November 26, 1815. But we know there are lots of Jan Teplys in Pustá Rybná. The death registers are not as rich in information as birth and marriage records.

Death Register – Jan Teply – 1815

When infants die, their parents or father are recorded. When adults die, the register often just lists their name, like Jan Teply. Sometimes, their age is recorded, which is a help.

Rozarie Teply, widow of Jan Teply, married Kaspar Teply January 6, 1819 at Pustá Rybná.  He was age 65, and she 48.  Kaspar Teply was from Březiny 14.

Nibbles Extra Credit

There is always something interesting to be found, even if it’s not what you were actually looking for.

Celia Cotton, British genealogist extraordinaire, and my mentor for English research

For example…

Jan and Katerina married at St. Vaclav (Wenceslas) Catholic Church at Krásné.

There were a lot of Vaclav Teplys back in the day. Vaclav (with a soft c) and Wenceslas are the same name.

And the name Vaclav or Wenceslas is seen everywhere in the Czech Republic today. Because Wenceslas is the patron saint of the Czech Republic.

Good King Wenceslas was a real guy. He was a 10th-century Catholic Duke of Bohemia, also known as Vaclav the Good.

He was martyred after being assassinated by his wicked brother, Boleslaw the Bad.  Boleslaw the Bad. Love the name, right out of central casting.

Wenceslas’ remains are interred in St Vitus cathedral in Prague.


  • Jan Teply birth – 1748 – Zamrsk Archives, Czech Republic – s. 1652 – p. 815 – i. 412
  • Katerina Jukl birth – 1752 – Zamrsk Archives, Czech Republic – s. 1652 – p. 854 – i. 432
  • Jan Teply and Katerina Jukl marriage – 1769 – Zamrsk Archives, Czech Republic – s. 1663 – p. 205 – i. 248
  • Jan Teply and Rozarie Teply marriage – 1811 – Zamrsk Archives, Czech Republic – s. 18-2 – p. 27 – i. 27
  • Jan Teply death – 1815 – Zamrsk Archives, Czech Republic – s. 18-12 – p. 10 – i. 5
  • Kaspar Teply and Rozarie Teply marriage – 1819 – Zamrsk Archives, Czech Republic – s. 18-9 – p. 7 – i. 8
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_King_Wenceslas
  • Wenceslas II, 14th-century manuscript – Heidelberg University Library, Germany
  • Photos – Mark Jarvis – October 2019

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