38 – Frank Teply and Anna Welter (2G)

Anna Welter was born December 22, 1872, in Missouri. Her parents were Jacob and Agnes Welter. They came to Kansas around 1879.

Anna and Frank probably met when they were young teenagers.

The Welters rented a farm in Hanover Township. Based on neighbors in the 1880 US Census, it was likely in the southeast part of the township.

Map – Hanover Township – 1882

In 1886, Jacob and Agnes Welter purchased a land grant from the State of Kansas for $280. It was just over three miles from the Machal farm.


Frank Teply and Anna Welter married October 11, 1892 at St. John’s Catholic Church in Hanover, Kansas, Rev. William Shellberg officiating.

Frank was age 27, Anna 19.

Marriage License – Frank Teply and Anna Welter – 1892

Rented a farm next to Welters

Frank and Anna set up housekeeping on a rented farm close to her parents’ farm. We can’t say the exact location, but they’re listed next to Anna’s parents’ family in the 1895 Kansas Census.

Kansas Census – 1895 – p. 12 & 13


On September 10, 1893, Benjamin Teply (1G) was born. He’s noted in the 1895 Kansas Census as Benny, age 1.

And by the 1900 US Census, three other sons had been born.

  • Benjamin Joseph Benny Sep 10, 1893
  • John Frank May 21, 1895
  • Albert Charles Mar 20, 1897
  • William Henry Will May 27, 1898

Farm – Hanover Township – 1906

Thirteen years after they married, Frank and Anna were able to buy a farm. In 1905, they signed an agreement to buy a 120 acre farm of Julius and Franziscka Materi for three thousand dollars. The terms of payment were:

$200.00 cash in hand, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, $100.00 Nov 1st 1905; $200.00 Dec 1st 1905, and $2500.00 on Mar 15, 1906, or earlier.

Terms of payment on indenture deed from Materi to Teply

It all went well, and a deed was recorded March 16, 1906.

Deed – Materi to Teply – 1906
Map – Teply, Welter, Swoboda farms – 1906

Farm – Little Blue Township – 1909

In 1909, Frank and Anna bought two farms in Little Blue Township and made this their residence.

They bought a 61 acre farm from the estate of Frank Ballard for $3,069, and an 80 acre farm from August and Aleota Hildebrandt for $7,000.

Little Blue is the township south of Hanover Township. The farms were about six miles from Hanover.

Map – Teply farm – 1909

The farms were on the west side of the old Hanover Road and the north side of the Alexa Road. Their neighbors included the Alexa family, who would be involved in their lives for the next twenty years.

Looking north along old Hanover Road
Right side looks north along old Hanover Road; left side looks west along Alexa Road
Looking north from Alexa Road
Looking north from Alexa Road – zoomed

Nibbles Extra Credit


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  • Photos – Mark Jarvis – Oct 2015

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