62 – Ben Teply Died

Ben’s health was deteriorating

Things were going along for Ben and Anna, but Ben had continuing ailments, with occasional hospital stays.

His health apparently deteriorated. In 1925, he had been in the hospital almost continuously for eight months, first at Concordia and then for the six weeks at the Veterans Hospital in Kansas City.

In 1925, the Kansas City Veterans Hospital No. 67 was a facility with 64 beds at 11th and Harrison. It wasn’t until 1949 that the Kansas City VA hospital complex was begun.

Ben died in October 1925

Ben died on October 8, 1925 at the Veterans Hospital. He was 32 years old.

The Teply family called the cause of death an enlarged heart due to gassing in the war. The doctor’s cause of death on Ben’s death certificate is “Aortic Insufficiency with broken compensation and cardiac hypertrophy.”

Buried at St. John’s Cemetery

Ben Teply was buried on Monday, October 12, 1925 at St. John’s Cemetery in Hanover.

The Marysville Advocate – October 15, 1925

Anna and the two kids

Ben was survived by his wife Anna, 25, daughter Alice, 5, and Don 3. Obviously, their life was going to change. Anna was going to count on the Teply and Kloppenberg families to help her out.

She was going to sell everything and move to Hanover. She was even selling their new Ford touring car.

Frank and Anna Teply had lost a son. And they would soon experience other family losses.


  • Ben Teply Funeral Card and VA Letter – Teply family memorabilia
  • Cemetery photos – Mark Jarvis – October 2015
  • All news articles are from The Hanover Democrat, The Hanover Herald, The Marysville Advocate, Washington Register. All are available on Newpapers.com and are free for Kansas residents – Kansas State Historical Society – https://www.kshs.org/ancestry/drivers/dlverify

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