63 – End of a Teply Era 1865-1925

We’ve taken a look at an era of Teply families, from Frank Teply’s birth in 1865 and arrival in America in 1867 as a child to Ben Teply’s early death in 1925.

During these two generations, we’ve seen the Teplys and their pioneer immigrant neighbors assimilate into agrarian and small town life in America. The influences of Bohemian and German and other European cultures stayed with the families, but their social lives and their participation in the Great War cast them into the American mainstream.

We’ve learned about their parents, marriages, and kids. We’ve seen their church and schools, and learned about their lifestyle in Washington and Marshall Counties during these 60 years.

A Peek Into the Future

We will continue our look at Teply stories after 1925 in our next series of posts. For now, here’s a peek into the future of some family members.

Anna Kloppenberg Teply

Anna Teply moved into Hanover after Ben died. She lived in one of her dad’s rental houses. There she raised Alice and Don. Anna went on to live a very long life.

Alice and Don Teply

Alice and Don Teply would grow up in Hanover, living with their mother. Alice and Don would be the last of our Teplys to live in Hanover.

Frank Teply and Anna Welter Teply

Anna Teply would continue to have bouts of ill health. But she would live until 1936. Frank would move into Hanover and live until 1952, age 87.

Josephine Petras Teply Swoboda

Josephine would die in 1927. She had certainly seen a lot in her 90 years, being born in Bohemia in 1837 and immigrating to America. She had five sons with her second husband Joseph Swoboda, who died in 1904.

Ignatz Kloppenberg and Anna Ross Kloppenberg

Ignatz also lived long after 1925. He continued to build houses. Anna died in 1942, age 77. Ignatz died in 1946, age 82.

Jacob Welter and Agnes Tuhey Wahlen Welter

Jacob had died in 1909. Agnes would live to age 86. She died in 1940.

Anna Alexa

Anna Alexa would live to age 80. She died in 1944


  • Teply Pedigree chart – Ancestry.com
  • Photos – Mark Jarvis – October 2015
  • Various images and clip art – attributed in earlier posts

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