144 – Let’s Try a Video

Nothing worse than having to read a blog post when you’re busy sewing or cooking or whatever. Or, maybe you’re just lazy like me.

No matter the reason, here’s a solution. I’ll read the blog post to you.

Oops. There’s no video.

Ed. Note: I tried to make videos for each post. After a few dozen videos, I stopped. They were too much work, and weren’t getting viewed like the regular posts. Sorry for those of you who have found lately that the YouTube links don’t work.


Family Nibbles on YouTube

I’m proud to announce that Family Nibbles now has a YouTube channel. Each episode of the Family Nibbles blog will also be available on the YouTube Family Nibbles channel.

Try it

The first video is “Harvey and Sarah Jarvis Died.” I know you’ve read that story in the last blog post, but it’s the “test” video. You don’t have to watch the whole episode. Just try it.

Click on either of the YouTube icons.

How do I listen or watch?

There are three ways to find Family Nibbles on YouTube.

  1. Each post on the Family Nibbles blog will have a YouTube icon to link to the video.
  2. On the YouTube Family Nibbles channel, click “Subscribe”. You’ll get notified each time there’s a new video.
  3. Search Family Nibbles on YouTube. Once you’re on the Family Nibbles channel, click on the latest uploaded video.

Can I still read the blog?

Yes, you can continue to read the blog, just like you’re used to. Or you can listen or watch on the Family Nibbles channel. Of course, you can still read the eBooks or paperback books.

If you’re interested in Teply or Jarvis family history (and who isn’t?), I want to make it as accessible as possible.


I’d like to hear your comments, good or bad.

This is the first video. Things are bound to evolve and change. For example, I think this video was a bit long at 15 minutes. I’m going to shoot for around 10 minutes.

For now, the publishing schedule will change to one story per week.

Nibbles Extra Credit

Digital speech

I’ve been interested in digital speech, like the voices used by Alexa and Google Home. That technology is becoming easier to use, and the speech synthesis is really good.

So I’m going to have some help reading the stories. My new friends, like Seth and Sawyer, will read quotations and news articles and the like. I’d like you to meet them.

Meet Seth
Meet Sawyer

2 thoughts on “144 – Let’s Try a Video

  1. Brenda Teply March 3, 2021 / 2:20 pm

    Loved, loved your YouTube blog presentation. And thanks for including me in your blog. The pic you chose was from one of my younger years, I see, but I do feel like a celebrity now.


  2. Mark Jarvis March 3, 2021 / 2:48 pm

    Your 15 minutes of fame! Glad you liked it. Thanks.

    One of these days I’ll cycle back to the beginning and create videos for the Teply stories.


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