148 – Newton Jarvis and Anna Burton (2G)

In the summer of 1887, Sarah Beaty Jarvis died. Newton became a widower at age 31. He had two daughters – Arminta, age 10, and Myrtle, age 5.

Man with daughters

Newton and Anna married

On March 27, 1889 Newton married Anna Elizabeth Burton. Anna was age 19. She was 14 years younger than Newton, who was 33.

Marriage license – Newton Jarvis and Anna Burton – 1889

And they had children

On February 17, 1890, Elmer E. Jarvis was born to Newton and Anna. Another son Thomas Edwin was born on November 18, 1891.

Our grandparent Ralph Hayden Jarvis (1G) was born August 16, 1894.

A daughter Opal was born in 1899. Sadly, Opal died in 1902 at age 3.

Ralph Hayden Jarvis (1G)

Birth Certificate reprint – Ralph H Jarvis – Sugar Branch, Indiana – 1894

Ralph was born August 16, 1894 in Sugar Branch, Switzerland County, Indiana. He was the 3rd child of his mother, Anna Burton Jarvis. His father, Newton, was listed as a farmer. Newton was age 38.

Ralph Jarvis – c. 1897 – age 3

Aaron and Sugar Branch

Newton and Anna Jarvis were living around Aaron and Sugar Branch, in Switzerland County. Some of the citations list Sugar Branch, others list Aaron.

I haven’t found land records, so I don’t know exactly where they were living. I think they were living on the same property, perhaps even the same household, with Newton’s brother Charles and his family.

Charles had married Anna Adams in 1879, the same year Newton had married Sarah Beaty. Charles and Anna had seven children during the 1880s and 1890s. Charles is listed in the census as a farmer, but later in life became a salesman for farm equipment.

The news from Sugar Branch

In Vevay, the county seat of Switzerland County, there were as many as three newspapers in town. Most county seat towns had a newspaper. These papers had correspondents in the smaller towns like Cross Plains and Sugar Branch and Aaron to report on local happenings and gossip.

Here are some of the happenings in the year 1898:

Aaron – Mr. and Mrs. Newton Jarvis and little son Ralph spent Sunday with Mrs. Eliza Billings.

Vevay Reveille – April 28, 1898

Aaron – Mrs. Newton Jarvis has been quite poorly but is improving.

Cross Plains – John P. Jarvis is having a large and commodious porch built in front of the post office which will be quite a convenience to the public.

Vevay Reveille – June 23, 1898

Cross Plains – The ice cream supper at Milton Jarvis’s, near town, was one of the most pleasant events of the summer.

Cross Plains – Sam Jarvis, who went into business at Fairview a short time ago, reports trade good.

Vevay Reveille – July 28, 1898

Sugar Branch – Miss Myrtle Jarvis was the guest of relatives here Sunday.

Vevay Reveille – December 29, 1898

Sugar Branch – Miss Gertrude Jarvis is at Ghent, Ky., where she is taking a course of music lessons.

Vevay Reveille – January 12, 1899

Cross Plains – The next one to be happy is M.S. Jarvis. It is a girl.

Sugar Branch – Mr. Sam Jarvis, of Friendship, was visiting relatives here a few days last week.

Vevay Reveille – January 12, 1899

Timeline 1890s


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