217 – Weddings, Jobs, Draft, School

It’s 1916. Let’s check in on each of the Riley children. Then we’ll see what Will and Josie are up to.

Irene got married

Irene Riley

Irene Marie Riley married Thomas Aloysius Hurley October 19, 1916 at Sacred Heart Church in Sedalia, Rev. Benjamin Alt presiding. Irene was age 24.

Tom Hurley was part of an old-time Sedalia family. His parents Edward and Catherine Hayes Hurley had come to Sedalia in 1872. Edward Hurley was a contractor and brick layer, and built many of the notable buildings in Sedalia, like the Cassidy building, Lamy Manufacturing, Lemp Warehouse and Ice House, Sedalia Library, and the Hurley block. In 1913 Tom Hurley became president of the Queen City Electric Company.

Joe got married

Joe Riley

Joseph Aloysius Riley married Emeline B. Staats on August 2, 1917 at Sacred Heart Church, Rev. S.J. Neiberg presiding. Joe was age 22.

Emeline was the daughter of Dr. Ethan and Effie Bell Staats. They had come to Pettis County in 1895 from Illinois and then St. Louis.

The U.S. Congress authorized a military draft in 1917. Each male between the ages of 18 and 25 had to register by June 1917. Joe registered at Sedalia on June 5, 1917. His draft number wasn’t called, so he didn’t serve in World War I.

His registration shows that he was working as a clerk at E.G. Cassidy Mercantile Co, the family business. He was described as medium height and build, with gray eyes and light brown hair.

Draft registration – Joseph Aloysius Riley – June 5, 1917

William started a new job

William Riley

William Jr. had just graduated from business college and started a new job. William was age 18.

The Sedalia Democrat – March 24, 1916

Like Joe, William was required to register for the draft, which he did on September 12, 1918. The war would end two months later, so William was never called to duty.

Draft registration – William Edward Riley – September 12, 1918


John Riley

John Pensa Riley was too young to be called to military duty. In 1916, he was age 15.

But a few years later on December 15, 1920, John enlisted in the Missouri National Guard for a term of three years.

Enlistment – John Riley – Missouri National Guard

Mary Agnes was in Sacred Heart school

Mary Agnes Riley

Mary Agnes attended Sacred Heart School. Sacred Heart School had curriculum for 1st through 8th grade. In 1916 Mary Agnes was in the 5th or 6th grade.

The Sedalia Democrat – June 8, 1920
Sacred Heart School

Catherine was in high school

For high school, the Riley children attended Sedalia High School. Built in 1895, Sedalia High School served until 1925 when it was replaced by Smith-Cotton High School.

Sedalia High School – c 1910
Catherine and classmates – c 1917

Catherine Rose Riley began 9th grade as a Freshman at Sedalia High School in 1915. She attended four years, until 1918.

Hobo Day – Seniors 1918 – Sedalia High School

Catherine Rose Riley graduated from Sedalia High School in 1918.


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