218 – Fruits of Their Labor, But…

It’s 1916. The Riley children were coming of age, with weddings, jobs, and school. Will and Josie Riley were enjoying the fruits of their labor. Will was age 53, Josie was 47.

The business

It had been almost ten years since the buyout of E.G. Cassidy and Company. The business had continued to prosper.

The Sedalia Democrat – September 17, 1916

In September 1916, Will received a 30-year award from the Lemp brothers and Lemp Brewing.

Around town

Will and Josie continued to be active in civic organizations and social clubs.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 19190228-wj-riley-chairman-of-st-patricks-day-celebration-sedalia-democrat-1.jpg

Lease the farm

The Rileys decided to lease the farm instead of paying for the tenant and farm expenses. In September 1916 they held a sale to dispose of their horses, livestock, and farm implements.

The Sedalia Democrat – September 17, 1916

A new car

The Sedalia Democrat – June 23, 1918

In June 1918, Will and Josie Riley took delivery of a shiny new Chandler Six automobile.

They may have had an automobile before the Chandler. There are several news articles about earlier motoring trips to Boonville and the farm, but no mention of whether it was their auto.

Storm clouds on the horizon…

Will Riley knew it was likely. But would it really happen?

A preview.

In 1917, after the United States entered World War I, President Woodrow Wilson instituted a temporary wartime prohibition in order to save grain for producing food.

Prohibition – history.com

In March 1917, the 65th Congress convened, in which the dries outnumbered the wets by 140 to 64 in the Democratic Party and 138 to 62 among Republicans

Prohibition in the United States – Wikipedia

Nibbles Extra Credit – Riley’s Sedalia

Here’s an interactive map of Riley’s Sedalia. You can see the location of the Riley’s residences, businesses, churches, etc.

Click on the upper left arrow block to see the menu. Click on the upper right border block to view full screen. Click on a pin to see some photos and details.



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