64 – You’ve Read the Blog, Now Get the Book

That’s right. Family Nibbles is now available as a book. You can enhance your personal library, and give a gift to a Teply family member.

I’ve consolidated all the blog posts into a two-volume set of Teply stories.

Family Nibbles – Volume 1 Stories of Our Teply Ancestors 1600-1865

Follow the Teply families as they deal with life in the Bohemian highlands on the Moravian border. Learn how they were affected by life in a cluster of remote villages.

They were also affected by global events like religious reformation, Austro-Hungarian rule, military conscription, and overpopulation.

Understand how these factors culminated in their emigration from Bohemia to America.

Family Nibbles – Volume 2 Stories of Our Teply Ancestors 1865-1925

Follow the Teply families as they deal with pioneer life in northeast Kansas in the 19th century. Learn how they were affected by agrarian and small town life in an America of immigrants.

Delve into their lifestyles – social life, farming, recreation, and health. See how the advance of technology and global affairs affected them, and how they dealt with World War I.

Three ways to get the books

You can get the books any of three ways: Amazon paperback, Google eBook, or Kindle eBook.

Amazon Books Paperback

You can get the paperback books at Amazon. Search for ‘Family Nibbles’ or ‘Family Nibbles book.’

The price is $30 per volume. Sorry it’s so high. The printing cost is $18, and Amazon’s markup is $12.

But it’s worth every penny!

Google eBook

You can find the ebooks on Google Books or Google Play. They’re free! Google is good for pricing.

They’re best read on your iPad or tablet using Google Play Reader app. And you can read in Firefox on your Macbook.

Kindle eBook

You can find the ebooks on Amazon or Kindle Store. They’re $2.99 (Amazon’s markup).

You can read this version on any Kindle reader or Kindle app on your iPad.

Nibbles Extra Credit

It’s been fun and rewarding to learn how to create a book. But the part I’ve enjoyed most is the research and stories about the Teplys.

I’m going to set aside my Teply work for a while, and see if I can produce a comparable set of stories for Jarvis ancestors.

Thanks to all you readers. I’ll lose some of you Teplys for a while, but I hope to be back later with more Teply stories:

  • Volume 3 – 1925-1950
  • Volume 4 – 1950-1980
  • Volume 5 – ?

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