140 – The Latest Book is Volume 5

If you don’t know about Cross Plains, Indiana or the 1811 price of peach brandy, you need this book.

If you want a look at Baptists and Methodists in 1820 Kentucky, you can find it here.

If you want to know how William and Margaret Jarvis moved family and household goods and animals down the Ohio River, this book’s for you.

Family Nibbles – Volume 5

Stories of Our Jarvis Ancestors 1800-1865

This volume begins after the Revolutionary War and follows our Jarvis family until the end of the Civil War. Between those two conflicts, our Jarvis grandparents uprooted their families, left their parents and hometowns, and went west. They found opportunities and hardships and met successes and failures.

In 1792, William and Margaret Jarvis left Maryland for the new state of Kentucky. Most of their children migrated west again to Indiana in the 1820s.

They went from self-sufficiency on the Kentucky frontier to shopping in general stores that sold window glass, canned food, and factory-made clothing. They experienced technological miracles – the telegraph, steamboat, railroad, and steel plow.

We have their census records, deeds, and death notices. We can view their lives through the prism of citations and history and current events of their times. But we can’t know their thoughts or dreams or fears. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to meet them in person and experience their lives for a while.

Family Nibbles Volumes

  • Family Nibbles – Volume 1 Stories of our Teply Ancestors 1600-1865
  • Family Nibbles – Volume 2 Stories of our Teply Ancestors 1865-1925
  • Family Nibbles – Volume 3 Stories of our Jarvis English Heritage
  • Family Nibbles – Volume 4 Stories of our Jarvis Ancestors 1680-1800
  • Family Nibbles – Volume 5 Stories of our Jarvis Ancestors 1800-1865

You can get the books any of three ways: Amazon paperback, Google eBook, or Kindle eBook.

Amazon Books Paperback

You can get the paperback books at Amazon. Search for ‘Family Nibbles’ or ‘Family Nibbles book.’

The price for each volume is $30. That’s the printing cost plus Amazon’s markup.

They’re worth every penny!

Google eBook

You can find the ebooks on Google Books or Google Play. They’re free! Google is good for pricing.

They’re best read on your iPad or tablet using Google Play Reader app. And you can read in Firefox on your Macbook.

Kindle eBook

You can find the ebooks on Amazon or Kindle Store. They’re $2.99 (Amazon’s markup).

You can read this version on any Kindle reader or Kindle app on your iPad.

Nibbles Extra Credit

It’s been fun and rewarding to learn how to create a book. But the part I’ve enjoyed most is the research and stories about our family.

We will continue our stories as the Jarvis family leaves Indiana for Kansas.

Thanks to all you readers.

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