76 – Louise’s Family, George and Tom

Celia had broken through the brick wall. Earlier generations of Louise’s Jervises began to reveal themselves.

  • George Jervis (4G)   b. 1728 m. Elizabeth
  • Thomas Jervis (5G)  b. 1688 m. Margaret Pitchford

Nibbles Note:

Bio info is excerpted from Celia Cotton’s Jarvis/Jervis family studies. See full studies on her website at bhsproject.co.uk/x_jarvis.shtml

George Jervis and Elizabeth (4G)

George Jervis (1728-1798)

George Jervis was baptized May 28, 1728. His father was Thomas Jervis of Almington.

Baptism – George Jervis – 1728

Almington is five miles southwest of Maerway Lane. Notice that it’s in county Shropshire instead of Stafford.

Elizabeth (1731-1816)

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a baptism or marriage citation for Elizabeth. But based on her age of 85 in 1816, she was born around 1731.

Marriage and Children

George Jervis and Elizabeth married around 1752. We haven’t found a marriage citation.

George and Elizabeth had nine children:

Home and Farm

George and Elizabeth lived in Maerway Lane by 1753 and baptized three children here. George was a farmer.

George was recorded as owning and occupying land in Maerway Lane. It’s listed in in the Land Tax Assessment of 1798.

That same land that was occupied by John Jervis in 1838. John was grandson of George, eldest son of Thomas (4G), and a sibling of Henry (3G).

The land was no longer owned by the Jervis family, but three of George and Elizabeth’s grandchildren still lived and farmed there – John and William Jervis, and Francis Hopwood (son of Margaret Jervis Hopwood). You can see their houses and farms on the tithe map of 1838.

Tithe Map – Maerway Lane – 1838

Here’s a street view of the land today. George’s house was probably where the brick house is today.

Later Life

George Jervis died at Maerway Lane in March 1798 and was buried the 29th at Maer.

Burial – George Jervis – Maer – 1798

Elizabeth Jervis, 85, died in June 1816 and was buried the 30th at Maer.

Burial – Elizabeth Jervis – Maer – 1816

Thomas Jervis and Margaret Pitchford (5G)

Thomas Jervis (1688 – 1756)

Thomas Jervis was born in 1688 and baptized August 9, 1688. His father was Thomas Jervis of Blore Dale.

Baptism – Thomas Jervis – Blore Dale – 1688

Margaret Pitchford (1690 – 1761)

Margaret Pitchford was baptized at Drayton September 12, 1690. She was the daughter of Thomas Pitchford of Hales.

Baptism – Margaret Pitchford – Hales – 1690

Marriage and Children

Thomas Jervis and Margaret Pitchford married August 29, 1715 at Donnington, Shropshire.

Marriage – Thomas Jervis and Margaret Pitchford – Donnington – 1715
Thomas’ signature on marriage license – 1715

Thomas and Margaret had six children.

Home and Occupation

Thomas was a carpenter (worker in wood)

Thomas and Margaret remained within a few miles of their birthplaces throughout their lives:

  • Born in Blore and Hales
  • Married in Dorrington, Hales
  • Baptized children in Almington and Tyrley
  • Both died in Tyrley

Later Life

Thomas Jervis of Tyrley died in April 1756 and was buried at Drayton in Hales on April 17, 1756.

Burial – Thomas Jervis – Drayton in Hales – 1756

Margaret Jervis of Tyrley died in September 1761 and was buried at Drayton in Hales on September 9, 1761.

Drayton in the Hales parish general register

The Times

Nibbles Extra Credit

Jervis Jervis Everywhere

There are lots and lots of Jervises in this area of northwest Staffordshire and corners of Shropshire and Cheshire.

It’s becoming obvious that it’s the origin of Louise’s family, at least back to the 1700s. But even in the 1700s and 1800s, there are many more Jervis families than Louise’s ancestral line.

It gives hope that this area is also home to our Elizabeth Jervis and her ancestors.

Pedigree View vs. Family Tree View

We’ve mostly been dealing with a pedigree view of Louise’s Jervis family, which shows only people in the direct ancestor line. Here’s an example of a pedigree view for five-generations – from John (G) backward to George (4G).

But if we look at the family tree view, we also see siblings and wives. Here’s are those same five-generations in family tree view – from George (4G) forward to John (G).

This example illustrates how the number of Jervises can increase over several generations. And this is only one Jervis family, beginning with George in 1726. There are many other Jervis families in the area, likely many of those from ancestors common with George.

1841 Census

The 1841 Census is the “first modern census” in England.

Let’s search the 1841 Census for Jervis in the area where we’ve found Louise’s ancestors so far. We’ll search the parishes within a 10-mile radius of Maer.

My goodness! There are 456 Jervises living within a 10-mile radius of Maer in 1841.

This is a gold mine, but it also makes it difficult to distinguish one Thomas Jervis from another, or one Elizabeth from another. There are 34 Thomas Jervises, and 36 Elizabeth Jervises.


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2 thoughts on “76 – Louise’s Family, George and Tom

  1. Louise Longworth May 23, 2020 / 10:19 am

    Thank you, Celia and Mark !
    Fantastic research and presentation !
    My sincere thanks for continuing the
    research I started years ago, to such
    great effect, and with such clarity.
    If only we could track down the elusive
    common ancester Mark and I share !
    I’m thrilled and most grateful.


    • Mark Jarvis May 23, 2020 / 2:40 pm

      Thanks Louise. It’s been fun. Glad to have you to share it with. Stay tuned for even deeper digs.


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