77 – Louise’s Family, 1600s

Celia continued to discover Louise’s Jervis ancestors, pushing the brick wall back into the 1600s. These generations could provide a link to our elusive Elizabeth.

  • Thomas Jervis (6G)  b. 1653  m. Alice Lewis
  • Thomas Jervis (7G)  b. 1620 m. Margery
  • Thomas Jervis (8G) b. 1575 m. Margaret

Nibbles Note:

Bio info is excerpted from Celia Cotton’s Jarvis/Jervis family studies. See full studies on her website at bhsproject.co.uk/x_jarvis.shtml

Thomas Jervis and Alice Lewis (6G)

Thomas Jervis (1653 – )

Thomas Jervis was baptized May 15, 1653 at St. Mary’s Church, Mucklestone, Staffordshire. His parents were Thomas and Margery Jervis of Drayton Parish.

Baptism – Thomas Jervis – Mucklestone – 1653

Thomas was born within three miles of where his son and grandson were born.

Drayton Parish is several miles west of Mucklestone Parish, where Thomas was baptized. Perhaps their home was closer to St. Mary’s Church Mucklestone than to the Drayton Parish church.

Alice Lewis

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a baptism citation for Alice. But based on her marriage in 1687, she was probably born around 1662-1667.

Marriage and Children

Thomas Jervis, 34, and Alice Lewis married January 29, 1687 at Drayton in Hales, Shropshire.

Thomas and Alice are the parents of Thomas Jervis (6G) (1688-1756). We haven’t found other children for Thomas and Alice.

Later Life

We haven’t found burial citations for Thomas or Alice.

Drayton, Hales, Market Drayton

It’s confusing. There are lots of Jervis citations that refer to Drayton, Hales, Drayton in Hales, etc. They are different names for one place.

Market Drayton is a market town in north Shropshire, England, close to the Cheshire and Staffordshire borders. It is on the River Tern, and was formerly known as “Drayton in Hales” (c. 1868) and earlier simply as “Drayton” (c. 1695).


Thomas Jervis and Margery (7G)

Thomas Jervis (1620 – 1701)

Thomas was born within three miles of where his son, grandson and great-grandson were born.

Margery (ca 1625 – 1701)

Margery was likely born around 1625, but we haven’t found a citation.

Marriage and Children

We haven’t found a marriage citation for Thomas and Margery.

Thomas and Margery had five children.

Home and Occupation

The 1666 Staffordshire Hearth Tax records a Thomas Jervis who was not chargeable in Bloore & Hales, Tirley Constablewick. The Hearth Tax levied a tax based on the number of fireplace hearths in a home. Someone who was not chargeable was relatively poor.

Later Life

Thomas Jervis died in November 1701 and was buried at St. Mary’s Church in Mucklestone on November 15, 1701.

Margery Jervis died in December 1701 and was buried at St. Mary’s Church, in Mucklestone on December 31, 1701.

St. Mary’s Church – Tower is original, rest of church rebuilt in 1789

The Parish Church, St Mary, was rebuilt in 1789, except the tower, from which Queen Margaret viewed the defeat of her army at the battle of Blore Heath. 

Genuki Mucklestone

Thomas Jervis and Margaret (8G)

Thomas Jervis (1575 – 1645)

Thomas Jervis was born around 1575.

Thomas was born within three miles of where his four succeeding generations were to be born, a span of 150 years. I think it’s fair to say Louise’s family was seated here in the 1600s.

Margaret (1580 – )

We haven’t found a baptism citation for Margaret.

Marriage and Children

Thomas and Margaret had five children.


Mucklestone, or Muccleston, is a small village on the side of a declivity, with a southern aspect, nine miles NW by W of Eccleshall, and four and a half miles NE of Market Drayton. Its parish is about six miles in length, and from one to two miles in breadth, extending along the borders of the counties of Salop and Stafford. Five of its townships, Aston, Knighton, Mucklestone, Oakley and Winnington being in Staffordshire and the other four, Bearston, Dorrington, Gravenhunger and Woore, in Shropshire. There are 879 inhabitants in Staffordshire and 809 in Salop, giving a total population of 1688.

From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851

Later Life

Thomas died in September 1645 and was buried at St. Mary’s Church, Mucklestone. We don’t have a burial citation for Margaret.

Burial – Thomas Jervis – Mucklestone – 1645

The Times

Where are we? What next?

The good news

Celia has pushed Louise’s brick wall back 200 years, to 1600.

It’s obvious that Louise’s family was from this Drayton/Mucklestone area since before 1600 and lived here for 150 years. It’s reasonable to assume that they may have lived here in earlier generations.

These earliest generations of Louise’s Jervis family are contemporaries of Elizabeth Jervis, as we think she was born around 1650.

And there are many Jervis families in this area. It seems very possible that Elizabeth could be from around these parts.

Jervis World


We’re back 10 generations, and no sign of Elizabeth so far.

And these Jervises weren’t Quakers, because they show up in Church of England parish registers. Where are Jervis Quakers, and how can we find them?

By the late 1500s, it’s getting more and more difficult to tie citations to a particular family. Earlier parish registers often don’t exist.

The parish register of the church of St Mary in Mucklestone commences in 1555.

Genuki Mucklestone

We’ve spent a lot of time trying to find Louise’s 1500s Jervises, but we’re not making progress. We’re at another brick wall.

Nibbles Extra Credit

Who needs computer-generated graphics and family trees? Sometimes we want hand-made and genuine.

Here’s Louise’s “first scruffy family tree”. It’s perfect. It contains everything from all these blog posts in one elegant view.

Louise’s “first scruffy family tree”

More Nibbles Extra Credit

This post was written during the 2020 Covid19 pandemic. At the end of May, after several months of “stay at home” orders, our first dinner guest was my sister Joan. Joan Emily Jarvis Brown.

We did a lot of catching up and enjoyed pleasant conversation. The conversation turned to Family Nibbles and Louise.

Joan: “It’s so coincidental that Louise’s first name is Joan too. Joan Emily Jarvis and Joan Louise Jervis. Who names their kid Joan?”

It turns out that Joan was a popular name when you two were born. Today it’s not in the top 100.

Emily and Louise weren’t that popular back in the day, but Emily’s been in the top 10 for the last twenty years.

Joan, why Emily? Louise, why Louise instead of Joan?

While we were chatting about coincidence, I mentioned to Joan how Louise looks like our brother Jeff Jarvis and his daughter Clare.

Louise Jervis Longworth and Clare Jarvis Verplank

Joan agreed!


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