92 – A New Book is Here!

Family Nibbles – Volume 3 is hot off the presses!

Now you can enhance your personal library, and give a gift to a Jarvis/Jervis family member.

Family Nibbles – Volume 3 includes all of the recent blog posts about our Jarvis and Jervis families in England.

Family Nibbles – Volume 3

Stories of Our Jarvis English Heritage

Join our journey as we search for an elusive ancestor, Elizabeth Jervis. We believe she’s a widow and a Quaker, and left England for Pennsylvania around 1682. How in the world is it possible to find her in England?

We get help along the way from a great genealogist and historian. And a DNA match pulls another Jervis family into the story. With their help, we begin to piece together the story of the Jervis families at the confluence of Staffordshire, Shropshire, and Cheshire.

We discover some Jervis gentry families in this area, and learn that Jervises were here back in the 13th century.

Using our DNA, we learn how our families migrated from Scandinavia. We study Quakers and Quaker meeting records. Piece by piece, our search builds a story of people, hopes and troubles, hardships and charity.

In the end we find Elizabeth Jervis, but the journey has been the fun part.

Family Nibbles Volumes

Now there are three volumes.

  • Family Nibbles – Volume 1 Stories of our Teply Ancestors 1600-1865
  • Family Nibbles – Volume 2 Stories of our Teply Ancestors 1865-1925
  • Family Nibbles – Volume 3 Stories of our Jarvis English Heritage

Three ways to get the books

You can get the books any of three ways: Amazon paperback, Google eBook, or Kindle eBook.

Amazon Books Paperback

You can get the paperback books at Amazon. Search for ‘Family Nibbles’ or ‘Family Nibbles book.’

The price is $30 for Volume 1 or 2, and $35 for Volume 3. That’s the printing cost plus Amazon’s markup.

They’re worth every penny!

Google eBook

You can find the ebooks on Google Books or Google Play. They’re free! Google is good for pricing.

They’re best read on your iPad or tablet using Google Play Reader app. And you can read in Firefox on your Macbook.

Kindle eBook

You can find the ebooks on Amazon or Kindle Store. They’re $2.99 (Amazon’s markup).

You can read this version on any Kindle reader or Kindle app on your iPad.

Nibbles Extra Credit

It’s been fun and rewarding to learn how to create a book. But the part I’ve enjoyed most is the research and stories about the Teplys and Jarvises.

We will continue our look at the Jarvis family in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to all you readers. I hope to be back later with additional volumes of our family stories.

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